From Ospitale to Podestagno

Departure and arrival point:

Ospitale 1491 m (4890 ft)
Fiames 1300 m (4265 ft)


10,2 km (6.3 mi)

Elevation gain:

ascent 250 m (820 ft)
discent 330 m (1083 ft)



Brief description: point to point trail from Ospitale to the remains of the Castle of Podestagno and of the Villa of Saint Hubertus.

We depart Ospitale, an old rest stop for travelers to and from the Ampezzo valley, along a solitary trail immersed in woods of red spruce. We cross Rio Bosco and Rio Felizon, eventually reaching the tracks of the dismissed railway that connected Cortina to the Puster Valley, now a beautiful bike path. Walking along the dirt road, shortly after crossing a tunnel and a very high bridge over the river Felizon, we take a path leading to the old gateway to the Podestagno Castle. Only ruins remain of the old castle, although its history and the panoramic point on which it was situated are of great interest.

We continue toward another historical site of significant relevance, the Villa of Saint Hubertus. This splendid residence, which resembled an enchanted castle, has an intriguing and fascinating story.

The remainder of our hike takes us to Pian de Loa, where green meadows and grazing areas are crossed by the river Boite, which we follow downstream to reach Fiames.