Lake Rudo and the springs of the river Boite

Departure and arrival point:

Malga Ra Stua 1668 m (5472 ft)


9,6 km (6 mi)

Elevation gain:

400 m (1312 ft)



Brief description: hike in search of a transient lake and the springs of the river Boite.

Malga Ra Stua, reachable either by car or by shuttle service from Fiames, is a charming location which serves as gateway to one of the most beautiful areas around Cortina d’Ampezzo. It is located in a regional natural park founded in 1990, aimed at protecting a large area surrounded by other two natural parks: Tre Cime and Fanes, Senes e Braies.

We start our hike heading into the woods, and in approximately thirty minutes we reach Cianpo de Crosc. The scenery from this location is quite charming: a vast meadow crossed by a winding stream and the view on the canyon of Val Salata. We follow a trail that begins to ascend in a series of hairpin turns, eventually reaching 2.000m (6562ft). At this point, the scenery changes once again, as it opens up into impressive views of the surrounding mountains: Croda Rossa d’Ampezzo, Lavinores, Croda Camin and the peaks of the Senes plateau.

Shortly thereafter we reach Lake Rudo, a transient body of water coming to life during the spring thaw and disappearing once the snow on the slopes of Lavinores melts away. The lake reflects the surrounding mountain peaks and serves as a watering hole for livestock out to pasture.

Continuing along a winding trail, we reach Fodara Vedla and its enchanted village of alpine huts. After a well deserved rest, we head back via an alternate route, crossing mixed woods of larch and swiss pine.

Once back at Ciampo de Crosc, we search for the springs of Boite, the main river that flows down the Ampezzo valley. Along the way, we will most certainly run into groundhog inhabiting this area, and should not be surprised to hear their distinctive high-pitched whistle as they alert one another of the presence of strangers. After taking in some more of the beauty of this magical place, we slowly head back to Ra Stua along Valon Scuro.