Departure and arrival point:

Cimabanche 1530 m (5020 ft)


11 km (6.8 mi)

Elevation gain:

590 m (1935 ft)



Brief description: the trail leads to Pratopiazza, a pristine pasture immersed in sublime peace and surrounded by grandiose mountains.

Departing Passo Cimabanche, the trail gradually enters the Val dei Chenope (in German Knappenfusstal), a name given it by the miners traveling from val Pusteria on their way to the lead mines located near Passo Giau.

The ascent is very gradual, along a stream surrounded by mixed woods of pine, larch and spruce. The valley eventually narrows, ending at the base of a rocky wall covered with mountain pine and other shrubs.

Crossing the stream, the ascent becomes more arduous, but with some endurance we manage to overcome the hardest part of the trail. On the way, we enjoy the view of the majestic north face of Monte Cristallo and of a waterfall that reflects the sunlight in kaleidoscopic colors.

The arrival onto the plateau of Pratopiazza resembles the drawing of the curtain at the theater: spectators are left in awe, and the effort made to reach it will be fully repaid. Lush green pastures and the occasional austere and solitary swiss pines are surrounded by magnificent mountains peaks, the most imposing of which is undoubtedly the Croda Rossa d’Ampezzo to the West. To the East stand the more gradual and greener slopes of Picco di Vallandro and the Piramide.

During the spring and summer months, the plateau is home to a herd of cow out to pasture, which we pass on the way to one of the huts. As we meander along, a rest on the soft grass to take in the surrounding beauty is a must.