The Dolomieu trail

Departure and arrival point:

Funivia Faloria 1224 m (4015 ft)


11 km (6.8 mi)

Elevation gain:

ascent 100 m (328 ft)
descent 900 m (2953 ft)



Brief description: the trail offers spectacular views of Cortina and the Ampezzo Valley.

We begin by taking the cable car from the center of town to Rifugio Faloria, from which we will enjoy the first of many magnificent views on the Ampezzo valley that the hike will afford us. A very short trail from the refuge leads us to the “Cliffhanger Lodge”, the old arrival station of the cable car, where Silvester Stallone starred in the breathtaking scenes from the movie “Cliffhanger”.

The “Dolomieu Trail” is named after Déodat de Dolomieu, the French geologist who discovered dolomite, the main rock found in the Dolomites.

From Rifugio Faloria, the trail descends along the edge of the mountain, with occasional belvederes offering stunning views over Cortina. Looking toward the face of mountain from the belvederes, it is easy to spot the different layers of rock that make up the Dolomites, including the colorful “formazione di Travenanzes”.

The trail ends at Rio Gere, and from here there are two alternative routes to head back to town. One is to continue toward Malga Larieto and Mietres, hiking through a magnificent larch wood. The other is to take the trail that crosses the river Bigontina and continues along the base of Faloria toward Mandres. This latter trail offers hikers the ability to further understand the complex and unique geological history of the mountains.