The Lakes of Fòses

Departure and arrival point:

Val Salata 2000 m (6560 ft) by jeep;
St. Hubertus 1449 m (4754 ft)


13,6 km (8.5 mi)

Elevation gain:

ascent 450 m (1476 ft)
descent 1150 m (3772 ft)



Brief descriptions: from Sénes to St. Ubertus, via the stunning Lakes of Fòses.

This hike departs from the top of the Val Salata, which we reach by jeep. From here, we take the trail leading to Rifugio Sénes, crossing extended prairies covered in wild flowers and surrounded by beautiful mountain peaks. Departing Sénes and heading East, the trail presents an initial ascent and then continues on uphill and downhill stretches, all the way facing Croda del Becco and its tilted and stratified limestone walls. At the base of Croda del Becco stands Rifugio Biella, with its distinct stone structure blending right into the rocky landscape that surrounds it. Biella is at the border of two natural parks, and with a bit of luck we will get a chance to spot a few Alpine ibex living here.

Departing Rifugio Biella heading South, the trail descends across fields with a distinctive lunar landscape, karst terrain and vast underground caves yet to be explored. It eventually reaches the lakes of Fòses, two bodies of water known as Lago Gran and Lago Pizo. These two stunning lakes and their basin form the largest and best preserved marsh in the Ampezzo Dolomites, unique for its naturalistic relevance.

Leaving behind the marsh and gradually continuing our descent, we pass numerous sites known for their historic legacy and beauty, such as Ra Cròsc del Grisc, Ciampo de Cròsc, Ra Stua and finally St.Hubertus.