Lake Fedèra

Departure and arrival point:

Capanna Ravà 2000 (6560 ft)
Rucurto 1700 m (5577 ft)


11,8 km (7.4 mi)

Elevation gain:

ascent 590 m (1935 ft)
descent 730 m (2395 ft)



Brief description: trail around Croda da Lago with destination Lake Fedèra.

The hike starts at Capanna Ravà, on the main road leading to Passo Giau. We follow a trail toward the pass dividing Monte Cernera and Lastoi de Formin, walking along slopes covered in Rhododendron.

The ascent is rather steep, but the effort is well worth it as the view from Forcella Giau at 2.357m is truly breathtaking. The rugged landscape of volcanic boulders opens up onto the bright and green meadows on the plateau of Mondeval. The contrast between the vertical walls of Lastoi de Formin and the gentle and green hillocks at their base makes for an epic scenery.

As we continue toward Forcella Ambrizzola meandering along the plateau, we stop at a few places of historic and naturalistic relevance, such as the small Lago delle Baste, the prehistoric site of Mondeval and a boulder that reminds us that millions of years ago dinosaurs inhabited this area.

One more surprise awaits us once we reach Forcella Ambrizzola, running between Becco di Mezzodì and Croda da Lago: the postcard view over Cortina d’Ampezzo and its valley. We continue our gradual descent toward Lake Fedèra, where we will take a well deserved rest to admire the unique beauty of its basin.

The initial part of our descent takes us along the Val Negra. We continue across Val Formin and reach Rucurto, our final destination.