Tre Cime di Lavaredo

Departure and arrival point:

Rififugio Auronzo 2320 m (7612 ft)
Lago d’Antorno 1880 m (6168 ft)


11 km (6.8 mi)

Elevation gain:

ascent 360 m (1181 ft)
descent 800 m (2625 ft)



Brief description: hike around the Tre Cime di Lavaredo (Three Peaks of Lavaredo), the undisputed symbol of the Dolomites.

The route starts at Rifugio Auronzo, which can be reached by bus, and heads East toward Rifugio Lavaredo. The path runs at the base of the three jagged mountain peaks (West, Big and Little Peak), collectively known as the Three Peaks of Lavaredo. On the way to Rifugio Lavaredo there are views of the town of Auronzo and its lake to the South, whilst to the East stands the impressive Croda dei Toni.

Not far from Rifugio Auronzo is a small church, Cappella degli Alpini. Toward the plains of Lavaredo it is very easy to spot vestiges of the Great War: old roads, trenches and galleries.

The trail gradually ascends toward the ample Forcella Lavaredo, offering an exceptional panoramic point on the three peaks, whose walls stand practically vertical. As we continue on the trail and start getting a glimpse of their North face, their grandiosity is further revealed.

Continuing on, the trail winds across bumps and large boulders toward an Alpine hut and the Rienza spring. Beds of wild flowers such as gentians and primroses, as well as edelweiss in late August, impart some gentleness to this otherwise rugged scenery.

The descent takes us along a less crowded trail leading to the magnificent Lago d’Antorno.