Val Padeon

Departure and arrival point:

Passo Tre Croci 1800 m (6168 ft)
Ospitale 1490 m (4888 ft)


9,4 km (5.6 mi)

Elevation gain:

ascent 350 m (1150 ft)
descent 620 m (2035 ft)



Brief description: point-to-point crossing of the solitary Val Padeon.

We begin our hike at Passo Tre Croci and we follow a gradually ascending trail toward Passo Son Forca (altitude 2.110m / 6922 ft),. The pass is located at the base of the legendary Monte Cristallo, both beautiful and imposing. Views on Faloria and Sorapis can also be enjoyed from here. We continue on a level trail winding through woods of Swiss pine, larch and mountain pine, eventually reaching Forcella Zumelles, from which the view of Cortina and its valley, with Tofane on the foreground, is truly breathtaking. Taking a steep path toward Ru Bosco and following the downhill course of the stream, we reach Malga Padeon, situated at the center of an ample pasture. As we take a rest, we look onto Croda dei Zestelis to spot the sphynx-like profile of its peak.

Continuing down the Val Padeon, the trail offers impressive views of the North face of Pomagagnon and its stratified landslides to the West and, to the East, of the rugged walls and ravines of Creste Bianche and Vecio del Forame.

Still following Ru Bosco and its pristine waters, we reach the final part of the Val Padeon, where the stream disappears into a deep canyon while the trail slopes down quite steeply.

Our arrival point is Ospitale, an old almshouse that welcomed travelers on their way between Anpezo and Pusteria. It houses the most antique church of the valley, whose construction dates back 1226.